Do I need special software or hardware to view a PitchSmart presentation?
PitchSmart requires an installation of the latest version (8.5) of Shockwave from Macromedia, which runs on almost any PC or Macintosh produced in the last several years. You should, however, update any drivers to the latest available. For the most current hardware and software requirements for Shockwave, point your browser to:

If your PitchSmart presentation contains 3D content, the video card in your system can have a great impact on performance. For a listing of the 3D hardware chipsets that are supported (and driver updates) visit:

Can I include streaming video in my presentation?
Yes! PitchSmart can support streaming audio and video in the following formats:

  • MP3
  • Shockwave Audio
  • Quicktime
  • Real Media
In order to view Quicktime and Real Media content, the appropriate software must be loaded on the user’s system.

What about Firewalls?
In general, firewalls are not a problem. However, a small percentage of firewalls (<1%) will interfere with proper operation of PitchSmart Presenter, or may require special proxy server set up.

The technical scoop: PitchSmart uses TCP ports 1626 (primary) and 80 (fallback) for messaging services. If a company’s firewall blocks traffic on these ports, PitchSmart Presenter can’t contact or messaging servers. In this case, your network administrator will need to enable OUTGOING connections on TCP port 1626. It is important to note that because these connections are initiated from inside your network, security is not compromised.

For more information, or a discussion about our approach to communications security, send an email to:

Is voice over IP available?
The use of voice over IP (VoIP) is not supported by PitchSmart. After evaluating many alternatives, we have not seen a solution that meets the level of stability, latency, and platform compatibility. While we continue to evaluate VoIP solutions as they evolve, we do not expect to support it in the near future.

OK, so can you recommend a teleconferencing solution?
Most local, competitive, or long-distance telecommunications companies can provide teleconferencing services. We can also provide a teleconferencing solution through our relationship with Glyphics.

Can I run the control module from another computer, for instance, if I’m traveling?
Yes. PitchSmart Presenter supports multiple computers — and multiple presentations. Each control module (and the users that are controlled by it) must simply use a unique presentation ID.