It’s Showtime — 24 x 7
Sometimes the people you want to reach aren’t available. That’s where PitchSmart Theater comes in. It’s your PitchSmart presentation available on the web 24 hours a day as a stand-alone, self-running application your audience can view on their schedule.

And, your Theater presentation can include all the dynamic elements of a rich media PitchSmart presentation — animation, graphics, even streaming video. Another advantage is that unlike other self-playing programs that require hefty downloads, PitchSmart Theater presentations are tuned for web delivery so they’re speedy and efficient.

PitchSmart Theater is the ideal complement to PitchSmart Presenter, allowing you to present “one-on-one” to your main contacts who then share the information with their colleagues via PitchSmart Theater. Your marginal costs are minimal, your impact maximized.

Or, you can use PitchSmart Theater on its own — extending sales support, providing technical support services, or training people.

We can also tune your PitchSmart Theater presentation for CD-ROM so you can deliver it directly into the hands of the people you want to reach.

Easily Accessible
Your PitchSmart Theater presentation can reside on your server or ours, where your audience can view it at the click of a mouse. Simply send them an e-mail with an embedded link, call and leave a message, or put the web address in a letter or your printed materials. PitchSmart Theater doesn’t miss return calls or go home at the close of business. It’s there whenever your audience wants to see it.

Image Enhancing
Your PitchSmart Theater presentation will be first-class: smooth-running with a look and feel befitting your audience.

Theater presentations can be produced from an existing presentation, or we can custom produce a Theater presentation for you — bringing our wealth of experience in producing multimedia to bear on your project.

Built with your Customer in Mind
You’d be surprised at how many companies offer an archived presentation format that is awkward to use with no thought given to the user experience. But, PitchSmart Theater was built specifically for Internet-delivery and created with your audience in mind. File sizes are minimized and cached to the desktop, optimizing performance. After all, a good experience for your customer simply reflects well on you.

To find out more about how PitchSmart Theater can help you deliver your presentations on demand, 24 hours a day, contact us at 877.220.2729, or