How PitchSmart Theater operates
Your PitchSmart Theater Presentations are available around the clock, 24 x 7, on the Web. All you have to do is direct your audience to a specific web address.

The user interface is straightforward and uncluttered, with basic “VCR-like” control functionality. Plus, there’s a list of cue points that can take the viewer directly to the information they need, all at a single click of a mouse.

Presentations can either be viewed in a standard web browser or through a custom player that’s available for download.

Hassle Free for Your Viewers
PitchSmart Theater is built with your viewer in mind. In addition to being built on standard web-streaming technologies, there’s even a built-in “flight check” to confirm that the User’s browser is configured properly. And, we’ve even built in automated screen settings that detect a users screen set-up for optimal viewing.

Under the Hood
PitchSmart Presentations are built on industry-standard technologies like Shockwave®, Flash™, and QuickTime™: all robust and reliable and all available as a free download. With PitchSmart Theater there’s no broadcast of large graphic or animation files, so presentations are fast and responsive.