How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Pitchsmart Presenter Production?
While Pitchsmart Presenter is based on our standard technology platform, your presentation can be anything but “standard”. We hand-craft each production so that it best supports your communication needs.

The cost of developing a Pitchsmart Presentation and Control Module depends upon each project’s individual specifications. While the lowest-cost option is to adapt an existing presentation to a Pitchsmart file, many clients prefer to have us design and develop presentations for them.

We’ll start by consulting with you, then prepare and deliver an estimate, much in the same way you’d receive an estimate for a corporate brochure or web site. In many cases, the cost of brand-new Pitchsmart Presenter production is only about 20% more than what you’d expect to pay for a custom-designed Powerpoint presentation.

Here are some of the things to consider:

  • How many screens are in the presentation?

  • Are you starting from scratch, or do you have an existing presentation to build upon?

  • Will your text slides be static or active?

  • Do you need to have graphics or illustrations created?

  • Do you need animations to help explain a process?

  • Do you need interactivity?

  • Do you need streaming audio or video?

How Much Does it Cost to Host a Pitchsmart Presenter Production?
Other providers base their web conference hosting services on a per-user, per-minute basis. While the per-minute rate may seem low, it can quickly add up, just like your long-distance telecommunications bill.

At Pitchsmart, we think something more economical and predictable is in order. So, the network services required for Pitchsmart Presenter are billed as a flat monthly rate, depending on the number of simultaneous presentations you need to make. We can even build in "overdraft protection" so you never have to worry about losing a viewer due to a hosting limitation. We even host your presentation file for free.

And to make things even easier, your first three months (25 users) are on us.

For the current hosting price matrix, click here.