Rich Media, Real-Time
PitchSmart Presenter gives you the ability to deliver real-time, Web-based presentations to your customers’ desktops, whether they’re around the corner or across the country. But that’s just the beginning — because PitchSmart was built with the Presenter in mind. Only PitchSmart gives you a presenter’s Control Module that makes presenting easy. You control the order and flow of the presentation with the click of a mouse, tailoring your story to your audience and responding to customer questions as they arise. PitchSmart gives you the immediacy and impact of a personal presentation without the expense. And with PitchSmart, you can address entire groups or go one-on-one; the choice is up to you.

Engage your Audience
You’re no longer limited to the features that PowerPoint® offers. PitchSmart Presenter is a true rich-media tool which can incorporate animations that support key concepts, graphics that enhance visualization, and interactivity that will engage your audience. Plus, you can incorporate streaming audio and video. And, by incorporating Intel’s innovative 3D technology, your PitchSmart presentation can even include virtual worlds.

Extend your reach
PitchSmart allows you to reach customers and associates anywhere in the world. All you and your audience need are an Internet connection, a computer and a phone. And with PitchSmart, you can reach a thousand customers at once with the same ease that you reach one.

Keep the personal touch
Because PitchSmart’s flexibility allows you to interact with your customer as the presentation unfolds, your presentation becomes a dialog, enabling you to build the rapport and trust that form the basis of long-term relationships.

Stretch your budget
Using PitchSmart can reduce the expense and downtime of travel. You can achieve higher levels of visibility, communicate more effectively, and make contact more often. And, by reaching more people in a day, you can shorten your sales cycle.

Get More Mileage
You can get double, or even triple, duty out of your PitchSmart presentation. You’re not even limited to web browsers — a PitchSmart presentation can be distributed as an executable file on CD-ROM for “browser-less” viewing — and it still works with the same Control Module.

Plus, the same PitchSmart file can be transmitted as an email attachment or posted for download from a web site. You can even load it onto your laptop for on-site presentations.

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