How PitchSmart Operates
Call your prospect and direct them to your PitchSmart web site or have them click on a hyperlink you send them in an e-mail. Then the show begins.

On your screen — your speakers notes (accompanied by a view of what your audience sees), a clickable outline of the entire presentation, and other easy-to-use navigation controls. All the audience sees is the image you want them to see. All they hear is you speaking. It’s the most professional of presentations.

While you harness the power and ease of the Control Module... Your viewer sees your presentation with no distractions.

And you don’t need to be an Internet expert to run a PitchSmart presentation. PitchSmart’s intuitive interface allows you to tap the inherent power and flexibility of PitchSmart with minimal experience or training.

Under the Hood
If you have an IT Department, you know how protective they can be when it comes to adopting new technology. They’ll be relieved to know PitchSmart is built on industry-standard technologies like Shockwave®, Flash™, and QuickTime™ — robust, reliable programs, all available as a free download.

With PitchSmart there’s no need to broadcast large graphic or animation files, so it’s easy on a network. Files are quickly cached to the viewer’s desktop so PitchSmart presentations are fast and responsive. Also, since Shockwave was built with security in mind, IT will be glad to know that a PitchSmart presentation doesn’t pose a risk to their network — unlike presentations built on Java or VBScript. As reliable as the Internet is, servers do occasionally go down. So we’ve created a national network of redundant PitchSmart servers — supporting you ’round the clock.

After users connect to a web page containing your
presentation, the PitchSmart network enables viewing
for an audience of one or a group of one thousand.