Built With the Presenter in Mind
Other web conferencing services offer PowerPoint-like features. Your view is mirrored to your audience’s view which leaves you stumbling with notes, or reading directly from your slides. But PitchSmart gives you a unique presenter’s Control Module that puts you in the driver’s seat.

The PitchSmart Control Module lets you, the presenter, move seamlessly through your presentation. If you need to answer a specific question you simply point and click—it’s that easy. All the audience sees is the image you want them to see. All they hear is you speaking. It’s a completely new approach to presenting that gives you a unique advantage.

Its all at your fingertips
Your presenter’s Control Module has on-screen speaker’s notes and a “clickable” outline which allows you to control what the viewer sees—real-time. Plus, PitchSmart provides expanded functionality by enabling you to launch web pages as a part of your presentation. There’s even a “Network Dashboard” that gives you immediate feedback on network status. It’s your command center for any presentation or training program.

Custom built for each presentation, the Control Module puts all of the following features at your fingertips:

Click Control Module for a larger image
  • Speaker’s Notes: With PitchSmart, speaker’s notes are always visible so you no longer have to memorize the presentation, read from the slides, or stumble through notes.
  • Navigation: Along with standard forward and back buttons, there’s an outline that lets you navigate just by clicking on it. If your customer has a question, a built-in “quick-key” command can take you directly to the information they need.
  • Screen view: Next to your speaker’s notes, a screen thumbnail displays the viewer’s current screen. Plus, the “clickable” outline has rollover thumbnails for fast visual reference.
  • Emphasis: PitchSmart offers highlighting features too. A pointer tool (which can be custom designed with your logo or other icon), and a screen highlighter–just click and drag to highlight portions of the screen.
  • Control: Tabbed sections on the control module provide three distinct functionalities:
    1. Web Tab: Click on a web link and launch web pages on your viewer’s screen, or key in a web address on the fly.
    2. Info Tab: You’ll never worry that Internet congestion or a dial-up connection may interrupt the flow of your presentation. With Pitchsmart Presenter’s “Network Dashboard”, you stay in control. From a single, easy-to-understand display, you see how many people are viewing your presentation, when they're ready for you to start, and which slides they are seeing. It’s complete peace of mind.
    3. Actions Tab: Pitchsmart Presenter brings you the power of interactive media, and like the presentation itself, that interactivity is under your full control. The Actions tab is context-sensitive to the content you've developed for each screen — whether it’s a form, an interactive animation or streaming media.