Rich-media for Real-time Training
They’ve come a long way, but the tools for delivering web-based distance learning and training still haven’t given corporate trainers the level of convenience and control that they’d like. We have a solution. Pitchsmart Classroom incorporates the entire family of Pitchsmart technologies into a premier platform for web-based learning. Use Pitchsmart Presenter for instructor-led distance learning. Use Pitchsmart Theater for web-based self-instruction. Combine them both for highly focused online seminars. Include custom-developed Flash and Shockwave content to create a highly interactive, secure learning environment.

We’re also developing an expanding suite of assessment tools, including testing and monitoring, to make sure that learning just doesn’t happen, it’s measured.

And, unlike other web-only training systems, Pitchsmart Classroom can deliver all of this over your Intranet or on CD-ROM as well.

No Need to Reinvent the Wheel
If you’re already using the Internet to deliver web-based training, we can migrate your existing materials to PitchSmart Classroom. Plus, you gain all the inherent advantages of a rich-media format. Or, perhaps you’re using computer-based training programs and are looking at ways to support your students through mentoring sessions or instructor-lead components. It’s a powerful combination that offers a well-rounded educational and training program.

Engage Your Students in Dialog
One of the true advantages of using PitchSmart Classroom is that you can turn any training session into a dialog. Because you have complete control over the media, you can engage your students more freely. You control the pace and the flow of the program all at the click of a mouse.

The Web-based Classroom
PitchSmart Classroom allows you to reach students anywhere in the world. All you and your students need are an Internet connection, a computer and a phone. And with PitchSmart, you can reach a class of 1,000 with the same ease that you reach one student.

The Web-based Classroom Around the Clock
Beyond instructor lead delivery, you can also extend classroom time to 24-hour access with PitchSmart Classroom. Students have access to training on their schedule, 24 x 7, available on the web 24 hours a day as a stand-alone, self-running application. And, your Classroom program can include all the dynamic elements of a rich media presentationčanimation, graphics, even streaming video. Another advantage is that unlike other self-playing programs that require hefty downloads, PitchSmart Classroom programs are tuned for web delivery so they’re speedy and efficient.

Built Expressly for Web Delivery
Built on industry-standard technologies, like Shockwave®, Flash™, and QuickTime™, PitchSmart was designed from the ground up for web-delivery. With PitchSmart Classroom there's no broadcast of large graphic or animation files, so programs are fast and responsive.

Easy for you...and your students
PitchSmart Classroom requires only that you and the student have a computer and an Internet connection. It’s a format that’s compatible with every web browser your students may use: Explorer, Netscape or AOL. We even include a built-in “flight check” to see that everyone’s browser is configured correctly so there’s no hassle for you. But what if your students don’t have a browser? No problem. Direct students to an executable file for download or you can even distribute your training program on CD-ROM.

Viewer system requirements:
Operating System: Windows 95, 98, 2000 or NT, Macintosh OS 8.1 or higher

Web Browser: Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, or AOL. (Not currently compatible with Netscape 6.0)

Plug-ins: Shockwave®. QuickTime™ or RealPlayer® (if the presentation involves video).

That’s it!

To find out more about how PitchSmart Classroom can help you deliver top-notch, web-based training programs, contact us at 877.220.2729, or