The PitchSmart Story
The story of PitchSmart is not simply about technology.

PitchSmart was created by creative perspectives, inc., a company with more than 15 years of experience in creating successful multimedia, web and print communications programs for results-oriented organizations including Broadslate Networks, WorldStrides, Bell Atlantic, Hitachi and Thomson Consumer Electronics. And while things have changed significantly in the past 15 years, the underlying strategies are not so different.

Tactics, however — now there’s another story.

We had just delivered a new sales support CD-ROM to a client. “This is perfect. It would be great if our sales people could deliver a multimedia presentation like this from their desks.” We thought it was a great idea, too. And, as we thought about it, we realized that we could deliver more. A perfect fit with some of the new Internet technologies we’d been working on, we saw an opportunity to create a “hands-off, lean-back experience” for people listening to the presentation. All they had to do was log on and listen. Nothing more.

And, we realized the Internet would let us deliver this for an audience of one thousand as easily as to one person.

Now, other companies couple web-based presentations with other collaborative computing services. Most are limited to delivering PowerPoint-like features, and frankly, aren’t really built all that well for the web. So, when we created PitchSmart, we focused solely on delivering top-tier, rich media presentations and training over the Internet. But there’s more to what we wanted to do.

Our goal wasn’t to produce yet another “web-conferencing” product. We wanted to take web-based presentations to a whole new level.

We make presentations ourselves, so we started by recognizing that the needs of the presenter are different than those of the audience. So, we built the control module that we’ve always wanted: speaker’s notes on the screen, an outline that lets you navigate just by clicking on it, screen thumbnails. Then we added tools for pointing and highlighting. So, while you get the ultimate control, your viewer gets the ultimate presentation: media-rich, real-time, controlled by you. Just like magic.

Strategy coupled with tactics. Its not about technology, but it’s the foundation of what we do at PitchSmart and at creative perspectives.