Need to deliver presentations, updates or training to prospects, clients, or associates?

Need the flexibility to reach them one at a time or all at once?

Looking for a Web-based solution that includes the competitive advantage of human contact?

Disillusioned with the long loading times, too-rigid structure and frequent crashes of PowerPoint-based systems?

You’ve come to the right place.

PitchSmart Presenter
It’s “show and tell” in real time. PitchSmart Presenter allows you to interact with your audience by jumping to any part of your presentation instantly as you respond to their questions. And, unlike other systems that simply mirror your view to your audience’s screen, PitchSmart Presenter gives you a Control Module that puts all the functionality of a multimedia presentation at your fingertips. Highlight text or point to data as you talk. Jump to any screen with a click of your mouse. Launch web pages on the fly. The control commands are completely invisible to your audience so the technology doesn’t distract from your message.

Pitchsmart Theater
Sync voice narration or digital video to your PitchSmart presentation and make it available on-demand around the clock, allowing your audience to view it on their schedule. That’s the power of PitchSmart Theater.

Pitchsmart Classroom
Here’s the flexibility you need for training and education programs. PitchSmart Classroom operates in real-time as well as on-demand. Create integrated contextual learning programs that meet the needs of every user.